Well, I thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome. I wrote a whole blog post about it, in fact; it’s probably just as well it stayed in my drafts, because I do not, in fact, have carpal tunnel syndrome.

I do apparently have cubital tunnel syndrome, though, so I wasn’t far off. It affects the part of the hand that carpal tunnel doesn’t–same problem, different nerve. Apparently the problem here isn’t in the wrist though, it’s in the elbow (it’s the funny bone nerve!), so there isn’t a home remedy (ie. a wrist brace) for this… I’m trying not to bend my elbow too much but it’s tricky. 😛

I’m getting very tired of my hand being all tingly and numb though. I really need to get myself to a doctor… Thinking back, there’s been occasional tingling/numbness in my left arm for a while, so I guess this isn’t even new. Sigh.

I also don’t know why it happened. Carpal tunnel I could reason my way into (since I use my left hand for a few repetitive tasks and not much else, being right-handed), but this I just have no idea.


In writing news, I got my assignment for that third zine… they want two 5-10k stories from me, ready to be beta read in one month. D: Not to meme, but… gotta go fast. ;P

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