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Been a While!

I may have forgotten I have a blog.

Well, exciting news: I’m goin’ to grad school! I’ll be starting a Master of Science program in Game Design in the fall. So that’s pretty exciting. Very exciting. I am extremely excited.

Otherwise… well, I finished a big project this month. It was fanfiction but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s over 127k words long, and therefore the longest thing I’ve ever written (the two other novels I remember the lengths of offhand were ~75k and ~96k. I’m getting better at writing more, apparently). The real upside to this is that it’s different enough from the source material that I’m reasonably sure I can revise it (heavily, but not necessarily rewrite entirely) into something sellable. I’m excited enough about the idea to actually do it, too. Think Pacific Rim but with lesbians. 🙂

And in more writing news, I had a chapter chosen for the CWC project Esyld’s Awakening! That actually happened ages ago but I keep forgetting to send my bio so it’s still on my mind, heh.

Otherwise… my brother totalled our car, and I took my younger cousin to his first concert. It was Bastille and it was fantastic and he loved it; time well spent. And of course, I enjoyed it too. 😉

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