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Grad School!!

I’m still super excited about this. I’ll probably be taking classes in this or that for the rest of my life; I love learning new things. I’m still so happy I got in.

That said, it’s probably not too surprising I did; class registration was the other day, and the required introductory class is capped at 19 with 9 spots still remaining. Granted not everyone in the program may have registered yet, and admission is still open until August, but seniors can also register for the class, so… I think there won’t be too many of us. Explains the scholarship they offered me. ;D

But, class registration! The intro classes are pretty straightforward: there’s a game design and analysis lecture, and a seminar for doing said analysis, as well as what looks like a pretty typical HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) class. None of it looks too hard; I’ve taken game design/analysis and HCI classes before, so while I don’t really know what to expect from the school, or how things differ on the graduate level, at least I’m starting in familiar territory.

Actually, the only class I’m really worried about is Game AI. The computer science classes I’ve taken have run the gamut from excellent to terrible, and while I minored in it, my overall experience is kind of minimal. Also, I’ve taken an AI class before and had to withdraw. So… it could go really badly. But then I also took a class (Android programming) where I got 50% on the first-day diagnostic quiz and ended up with an A (and I didn’t even have to take the final). So it may surprise me. 😀

There was also a class I was interested in called “The Psychology of Play” which is right up my alley, but it probably won’t fit in my schedule… unless I swap it out for Game AI. 😛 But that would change my concentration from development to user research, and I’m not too keen on that.

We’ll see, I guess.

In other news, I’ve been accepted to three fanzines now (two as a writer, the third as both writer and artist). The first was most gratifying (40 selected out of 600+, IIRC); this third one accepted about half its applicants, and I don’t know yet what they want me to write for it. The second one (the one where I submitting both writing and art) hasn’t shared any specific numbers, but I have this nagging feeling they let everyone in… Either way, with those three commitments and a couple of other fandom events to deal with (one of which I’m running), I’ll be pretty busy all summer. I’m looking to at least self-publish a flash collection, though, and I’ve got a couple of novels in revision, so the original side of things is getting some attention too. 😀

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