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It’s been a rough couple weeks. Feel like I oughta write something anyway.

Christmas… barely even happened this year. I mean, it happened, we opened presents and everything (I got a lot of socks), but no one was really feeling it. A cousin of mine died about a week beforehand so it just didn’t feel right to make merry. The funeral was the day before Christmas Eve, on my sister’s birthday.

On a happier note, I’ve been to see Rogue One (the new Star Wars movie) three times now. I saw The Force Awakens three times in theater as well; I think I like Rogue One a little better, if only because it wasn’t just a rehash of A New Hope (because let’s be real… TFA followed that plot pretty closely). It did suffer from slow pacing at the beginning and most of the middle–you spend a lot of the movie kind of waiting for the main event. That said, the ending really picks up the slack.

I’ve got a few friends that were surprised that (SPOILERS!!!) everyone dies at the end. They do literally say so in A New Hope. I guess not everyone has that movie half memorized like I do. ;D

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