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New Release: Black Magic, Baby!

Hey! Long time, no post!

So what am I up to? Oh, you know. Just graduating from grad school. Getting my Master’s degree, NBD. Today, in fact! (Why am I posting right now? Why not? I don’t have homework anymore.)

Also! I just hit the “publish” button on Amazon for a new flash fiction collection! If you came here from my mailing list, the first story is right there in your email! If you didn’t… what are you doing? Go sign up! And then you can read that story here.

This is the cover! Why yes, I did use stock photos, thanks.

What do you get when you mix a bored programmer, a summoning circle, and a lonely demon?

A baby.

All Eva wanted was to use magic without killing for it; instead, she got a family. And some nasty in-laws. Follow her through eight tiny scenes in her new, strange, magical life, demons and all.

And if you like that, go check out the rest of the collection HERE! It’s only $0.99!!

Oh yeah, and since I apparently never posted about it (I’m so good at this): I have another flash fiction collection available on Amazon as well, also only $0.99!

Available since December 2018! Yay! Here’s that link again, if this amazing cover swayed you.

Cryptid hunting. Rock climbing. Roadtripping. Setting expensive equipment on fire. People live varied and colorful lives, full of moments of joy and fear and romance and regret; take a peek at just a few of those moments. They’re just outside your window.

Until next time (hopefully less than four months away this time)! ?

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