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I really hate coming up with titles for these things.

Anyway, I went to my five-year high school reunion yesterday. Sadly, only seven others from my year showed up–this is slightly less pathetic knowing my class had thirty-nine kids total.

…Still kind of pathetic, though. 🙁

That said, there were only maybe thirty people there total anyway. The school was established the year before I was born; there are less than 700 alumni at all. It’s a teeny tiny school.

It was nice to catch up, though. There were a few friends there that I’d seen recently anyway, and a few people I hadn’t seen since graduation, but, given the size of the class, we were all bare minimum friendly acquaintances. It’s a nerdy little school but about all we had in common was intelligence; since graduation we’ve all gone in vastly different directions and it was pretty fun finding out what everyone’s been up to.

Case in point: one guy in my year was the student body president at CalTech (and apparently the resident harpsichord tuner?) and now works on Wall Street. Another guy played poker for a living for a while and lives in a van (and possibly also works on Wall Street. Or is going to. I missed part of that conversation).

Makes me feel a little better about not having a job yet–about half of us were unemployed. Two are still working on their undergraduate degrees and one took five years to finish. It’s a nice reminder that I don’t have to have my life together just yet.

And on a final note, I left my mark on my high school, in the form of not one but two dragons. One is a foot-and-a-half long wire sculpture that now lives in the window of the art room; the other is a mural that I was, frankly, hoping had been painted over by now. It’s pretty ugly. But it’s still there, and with my name on it, no less. >_>;

All in all? A better time than I expected, and I didn’t even need to get drunk. 😉

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