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‘Tis the Season

It feels like an eon since I’ve even turned on my laptop. I’m just so much more productive on my teeny tiny iPad…

Well, I did get my license. I took the road test December 1st and passed easily enough. Still waiting for the thing to actually arrive in the mail, though.

I’m home for good now, too. I spent the summer and fall taking care of my grandmother, but now she’s back in her apartment with plenty of people around to help her out, so I’m free… Which means I need to go back to looking for a real job, but hey, at least she paid me.

Today my mother and I went to get wreaths and got lost in the garden center. We ended up getting more decorations despite the box full of them that’s still up in the attic, and the bigger wreath turned out to be too heavy for the magnetic hanger. We had to tie it to the metal grille thing on the door.

And now my mother has interrupted to tell me she’s already tired of the Christmas music we put on while decorating the wreaths. Which bodes well for the season, I’m sure…

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