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How do people title blog posts anyway?

So, today I went to the RMV. Which is always fun. I was supposed to take my road test (belatedly… I could have taken it almost six years ago, at this point). And you know what? I was prepared. I was ready. I’ve been driving my grandma down the to Cape and back all summer (not to mention all over the Cape) and, granted, she’s got a Lexus and my brother’s old Acura that I was going to test in really can’t compare, but I was ready. It’s about time I get my license, really.

But we didn’t have anyone to watch my little sister, so we brought her with us, and while I did mention this to my mother beforehand, thank you very much, it turns out you can’t have anyone else in the car that isn’t the examiner or the sponsor (or, you know, the driver). And you can’t not have a sponsor, and we couldn’t just leave her to sit in the RMV alone. So, no road test for me.

The examiner was nice enough to reschedule it for next week for us, at least.

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