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I got into a fourth zine. :O

This is exciting, but also kind of stressful. Fortunately the due dates for this one don’t overlap so much with the other three… I was actually rejected from this one initially, but I must have just barely not made the cut, because when someone dropped out they contacted me.

Like most of the zines I’m in, the word count they’re looking for is pretty low, at least. They want 1-1.2k words, which is difficult only because I tend to write long. 😉 Another zine is looking for under 2k, and another doesn’t have a word limit at all but shorter works have a better chance of getting in the physical version.

And then, of course, there’s the one that wants two 5-10k stories from me (incidentally, the only one I can hope to make any money from (though doubtful very much), these being mostly charity fanzines). I was aiming for 6k for both because, again, I write long; the first draft of the first story turned out to be 9600 words. The second has a good start at a little over a thousand so far.

These longer works have been my priority lately, given the higher word count and approaching due date; WIPs are due in the next couple of days, and both stories must be ready for beta reading by June 17th. That said, I do really need to get going on one of the shorter works, since the first rough draft is due June 15th, and I can now actually get started since the artist I’m working with has sent me sketches. I’m aiming for 1200 for that one, with a harder limit of 1800, because if I get that far I run a real danger of bumping up against the 2k maximum. Alas…

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